01  Metallocene Catalysts Based Solution Polymerization Platform

Apalene is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the metallocene catalyst R&D, pilot and production and its polymerization commercialization, with a solution polymerization based continuous flow catalytic polymerization platform of 100 tons/year .


02  PAOs with Viscosities of 2-100,000cSt @100℃ and Their Product Solutions

Apalene has a complete catalyst preparation and polymerization evaluation and production platform, which can produce mPAO base oil with kinematic viscosity of 2-100,000cSt. The core team specializes in reaction engineering, organic synthesis, catalysis, process scale-up and optimization, product development and marketing. Apalene specialized in custom made mPAO products to meet the customer’s requirements.

02  Oligomerization of Ethylene to Linear α-Olefins (LAOs)

Apalene has a set of approved and pending ethylene oligomerization technology patents; specializing the process without using expensive MAO as a co-catalyst, and very low amount of PE  polymer content in the existing technology. It has competive advantage LAO technology as independent developed technology.


04 Trimerization of Ethylene to 1-Hexene

1-Hexene is an extremely important comonomer, which can be copolymerized with ethylene to obtain high-end polyolefin materials with excellent comprehensive performance. Apalene developed the technology with an excelent ethylene trimerization activity and product selectivity through strategies such as optimization of catalytic system and strengthening of polymerization process, and successfully develops the production technology of ethylene trimerization to prepare 1-hexene. The developed ultra-high activity catalyst system contains more than 90% of 1-hexene in the polymerization products.

05 Tetramerization of Ethylene to 1-Octene

1-Octene is an extremely important polymerization monomer, which can be copolymerized with ethylene to obtain high-end polyolefin materials such as C8-LLDPE and POE with excellent performance. The ethylene tetramerization to 1-octene (co-production of 1-hexene) technology developed by Apalene has high catalytic activity, without using expensive MAO as a cocatalyst, and with low content of  PE polymer, as well as higher polymerization process temperature compared with the existing technology. This new technology has great industrialization potential.

06 Production Technology of Polyolefin Elastomer POE

Apalene has developed patented catalysts and its process in continuous solution copolymerization of ethylene with 1-butene, 1-hexene or 1-octene to produce POE under high temperature and modified pressure, and has the corresponding catalyst patent technology, polymerization process technology and metallocene catalyst solution polymerization experimental platform, which can provide technical support for the process development and device design of POE production.

Apalene Metallocene Technology Solution
High Performance Synthetic mPAO Technology
mPAO technology for any viscosity grade from 2cSt to 15000cSt.

1. Higher viscosity index

2. Low pour point, high fluidity at low temperature

3. High stability and longer oil change intervals (save fuel consumption by at least 4 ~ 5%)

Linear alpha-olefins (LAO) by ethylene oligomerization technology
Linear alpha-olefin (LAO) is an important raw material for the production of high-performance polyolefins, high-end lubricating oils, plasticizers, surfactants, etc. and can be used for the production of other fine chemical and functional chemical intermediates. Apalene technology has achieved with high catalyst activity, high linearity and high purity product with a less than 1% polymer.
Octene-1 technology by ethylene tetramerization
1-Octene is a linear α-olefin mainly used as a comonomer in the synthesis of POE and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and also a key chemical raw material for the production of elastomer POE. 1-Octene can be used as raw materials for poly-alpha olefin (PAO). Apalene technology has achieved with high temperature, no MAO and low manufacture cost system with a less than 0.5% polymer.
Hexene-1 technology by ethylene trimerization
Hexene-1 is an important comonomer for the production of high-performance high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). It is also an important raw materials for the production of fine chemical products such as perfumes, dyes, plasticizers, surfactants, fatty alcohols, etc. Apalene technology has achieved with high catalyst activity, high linearity and high purity product with a less than 1% polymer.
POE Technology
Polyolefin elastomer (POE) is a universal plastic that made by metallocene technology by polymerization of ethylene and α-olefins. In many respects, its performance index exceeds that of ordinary elastomers. POE has high heat-resistant oxygen aging, and the dual characteristics of plastic and rubber have excellent comprehensive performance. Therefore, POE can be regarded as a bridge product between plastic and rubber, and it is a new type of elastomer material with broad application prospects. Apalene technology has achieved with high catalyst activity and low manufacture cost.
mPE-Wax Technology
It has many physical and chemical properties that make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications such as paper-coating, crayons, packaging, ink and leather auxiliaries. Others are food additives and paints. Apalene technology has achieved with narrow molecular weight distribution and low manufacture cost.
Polymethylpentene TPX technology
TPX is a commercial poly (4-methylpentene) resin. TPX has excellent electrical characteristics and chemical resistance like PE and PP. It is the only material in transparent resin that does not cause cracking due to lubricants or chemicals. TPX is the lightest of all plastic. The surface hardness is low and non-toxic. The light transmission performance is between plexiglass and polystyrene. Advantage is that the light transmittance of TPX does not change with the change of processing conditions, nor with the thickness of the product, so it is suitable for transparent products.
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
UHMWPE is a linear structure of thermoplastic engineering plastics with excellent comprehensive performance. It is used to replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc. in the fields of prevention, papermaking, food machinery, transportation, ceramics, coal, etc.

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